Friday, August 7, 2009


Imagine a cloister garden. If you've never been inside the heart of a monastery, come along. Walk with me through the open gate over which reads the ancient Latin invitation, PAX. Peace to you who enter this way. Walk along the exterior garden path leading up to the big wooden door. Come inside into a whole new way of family life together. Step along the arched walkway, and step out into the bright sunshine. Sit here for a time next to the quiet cloister garden fountain at the center. Listen. The sound of silence is full here. Here you can listen anew. Here all the busyness of the past week, the past month, the past years since you became a parent, here you can lay all that aside for a time and rest and listen and renew your soul. Your children need the best you can offer them. Be refreshed here in this quiet, well-cared for cloister garden. From of old, Benedict still calls to all who are weary and tired, saying "listen with your heart and walk in this new way". This blog invites you into a whole new way of family living. Written by David Robinson, author of THE BUSY FAMILY'S GUIDE TO SPIRITUALITY, published by Crossroad Publishing Company in September 2009, these blog posts welcome you to come deeper into your sacred calling as a parent, following in the footsteps of wise, wonder-filled parents who you've known and some who you have never met, yet who have also sat here in this place, listening to the gift of silence within the cloister garden of family spirituality.

(photo by Thomas Robinson; see

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